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For your diary - 2022 Activities Week:

  • Year 5 & 6 activities week - El Rancho Camp or ‘Out and About’ in Wellington (for students who choose to stay at school). It will be from 5-9 December (Week 8).
  • Year 3 & 4 - info coming later  
  • Year 0-2  - info coming later

Years 5 & 6

This is the first article for the Year 5&6 Activities Week (5 May 2022)

Years 3 & 4


Years 0-2


See articles below for information regarding school trips and camps

Every year Amesbury School runs an Activities Week at the end of term 4. This week happens after the final learning celebration for the year, once the inquiry / learning programmes in each team have finished. The Activities Week is often, though not always, in the last full week of the term, and it involves a range of activities, events and trips happening for each team. As part of this Activities Week, students in each team have the option of participating in an overnight camp of some sort. All students from Year 0 - Year 6 have the opportunity to be involved in overnight camps every year:

  • Year 0 - 2: As part of Activities Week, a day trip offsite is planned for all students. Students then have the option to return to school a little later in the evening and participate in an overnight stay at school. Parents often choose to take part in this camp, too, to be close to their children. Details will be provided in due course.
  • Year 3 and 4: As part of Activities Week, students take part in a range of activities and events at school, and sometimes at offsite locations. During this week, students also have the option of participating in a two day, one night camp offsite. Some parents come along as help on the camp, either through the day or for the overnight stay. Details will be provided in due course. 
  • Year 5 and 6: Activities Week is run in an alternating pattern for our year 5 and 6 students. 

- In even years the team runs an Activities Week at school based around five strands of activities, and students all opt into one strand for the week. Examples of the strands offered are a Sports strand, a Books and Movies strand, an Art and Museums Strand, a Biking and Walking strand, an Inventions and Creations strand. In different years, other strands are also offered. One teacher runs each strand, and students participate in activities linked with each strand, both at school and in offsite locations around the city. On one of the days during this week, students also have the option of participating in an overnight stay at school. 
- In odd years students can choose to stay at school and participate in a range of local activities and events with several teachers, or they can opt into a camp at a location on the South Island. Some teachers and parent assistants also attend the camp.


Year 5&6 Activities Week

As you will be aware, our Year 5 and 6 activities week will take place from Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December. This article is quite long but please persevere. In this article, we provide details about the El Rancho Camp option, including the gear list, as well as the ‘Out and About’ in Wellington option (for students who choose to stay at school). There is also a consent form that we ask all parents to fill out (even if your child chooses to stay at school).

Posted: Thursday May 5, 2022

Easter Raffle - Fundraising for Camp

Tickets now available. Be in to win some fabulous prizes and, at the same time, help with camp fundraising.

Posted: Thursday April 7, 2022

Pohutukawa Activity Week

Posted: Saturday December 11, 2021

Beach Education 2021

Every two years Amesbury School looks to complete Beach Education for all ākonga (students) across the school. We run a cyclical safety programme for all students at the end of every year, with first aid safety run by St John's Ambulance in even years, and beach and water safety run by Surf Life Saving in odd years.

Posted: Thursday December 2, 2021