How to Apply

If you have decided you would like your child to study at Amesbury School, please complete the Application Form & Tuition Agreement here. For full details about learning at Amesbury School, please download a copy of our Application Brochure here

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Prime Condition of Enrolment

It is a prime condition of enrolment at Amesbury School that the international student lives with a care-giving parent or legal guardian.

Application Documents 

You will be required to send in the following documents with your application: (must be translated into English by approved translator)

☐     Completed Application Form & Tuition Agreement

☐     The student’s latest school report

☐     A copy of the student’s birth certificate

☐     A copy of the student’s passport

☐     Evidence of Visa status

☐     Evidence of legal guardianship (if applicable)

☐     Travel and Medical Insurance – copies of policies

☐     A copy of the student's immunisation record in English and certified by a medical professional

 Completed application forms can be emailed to If you have any questions about your application, you can call the school directly on +64 4 477 3423.

Conditions of Acceptance

The following conditions of acceptance apply to all international student enrolments.

☐     The student must have an appropriate student visa in place. See more detail here.

☐     Travel and medical insurance in place for the duration of the enrolment. See more details here.

☐     Payment of all fees in advance, as invoiced.

☐     Provision of the student’s latest school reports (if available).

☐     Participation in an interview with the school (if required).

☐     Compliance with all the terms and conditions of the Application Form and Tuition Agreement, including the provision of full and accurate information.