Carpark Safety

Please take the time to read information about car park safety at Amesbury School. Our children's safety is of paramount importance.

Please ensure that any care-givers collecting your children are aware of these basic standards:

  • When turning into, or driving out of, the school driveway, please take extreme care. It is hard to see the corner and you can feel as though you are driving a bit blind as you turn. If everyone drives very slowly, considerately and carefully, it will reduce or even eliminate the risk of an accident.

Drop Off / Pick Up Zone

  • This is not a place to pause and wait for your child to come out. If you arrive at the zone and your child is not waiting, you need to drive on and go around the loop again to allow parents, whose child is waiting, to pick up their child safely.
  • If several people pause in the pick-up zone waiting for their child to come out, then it will become difficult and dangerous for parents to pick up children who are already waiting.
  • If you arrive at 3.10pm to pick up your child (other than Koru), you will not have to wait.
  • Please teach your child to wait at the pick-up/drop-off zone back from the footpath edge, and to wait for your car to fully stop before moving forward to open the door. We will also do our best to ensure this happens.
  • Please always ensure your child climbs out of the car on the school side of the vehicle so they do not risk stepping into the path of oncoming traffic.
  • When you use the drop-off/pick- up zone, please always drive to the front of it. This will make it easier for other cars to come in behind you.


  • At drop off and pick up times (8:30-9:10am and 2:30-3:15pm), car parks are only to be used by parents/caregivers of students in Koru Hub, or parents/caregivers with a disabled parking pass (that needs to be clearly displayed) who need to access the disabled car parks.
  • Please do not stop or park in front of the entrance to the Caretaker’s Shed. This is a driveway which provides access to important services for the school including rubbish bins. It is essential that it is kept clear at all times.
  • Parents sometimes wait in the car park loop for spare car parks to become available. Unless a car is leaving a car park immediately, we cannot have vehicles waiting and potentially holding up the traffic. We require you to drive around the loop and try again.

When asked to move, a number of people tell us they will only be a couple of minutes. The problem is that if everyone parks in the wrong place for a couple of minutes then the car park would be a very dangerous place indeed. We understand that sometimes enforcing rules seems silly and overly officious. However, in the interests of the safety of our children, we have decided that the only option we have is to require all people to follow the car park rules at all times.

A full copy of our Carpark Safety Procedure can be found here.  Please see our Mandarin translation here.