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Amesbury TV 2023 Term 3 (1) - A Spooky night At Amesbury


Amesbury TV 2023 Term 3 (2) - Interviewing Teachers and Tamariki


Amesbury TV 2023 Term 3 (3) - Sophia Gives the Weather


Amesbury TV 2023 Term 3 (4) - Interview with Tidy Amesbury


Amesbury TV 2023 (1) - Interviewing Gar Kee and Urs about the new build


Amesbury TV 2023 (2) - A day in the life of a Principal


Amesbury TV 2023 (3) - Road Patrol 


 Amesbury TV 2023 (4) - Most popular sport in Amesbury


Amesbury TV 2023 (5) - Favourite Sport to Play


Amesbury TV 2023 (6) - The Weather


Amesbury TV - Episode 3 2021 (November 2021)


 Amesbury TV - Episode 2 2021 (1 July)


The latest episode - and first of 2021 - of Amesbury TV



In the first episode of 2019...Movin' March is back! Remember to get those stamps and get movin'.



In this episode, the community crew interviewed some of the International Students about their experience at Amesbury School. 


The Year 6's went to Capital E today and had the opportunity to produce, direct and star in their very own TV show. The students worked very well as a team and this was the end result. All students were involved in some way either in front of the camera or behind the scenes. We were all very impressed - hope you are as well! Enjoy. 


Athletics is always a very successful event at Amesbury School. This year the Amesbury TV sports crew have interviewed some of the winners from the events and have some fun facts about Athletics. We hope you enjoy our latest instalment. 

A very exciting addition to Amesbury School is the Kapa Haka performance group. In the latest episode the cultural crew highlight some of the performers and their performance at St Brigid's school.

Last term, we held our first Amesbury's Got Talent. It was a real treat and Amesbury School have some talented students. Watch this episode to see some of the contestants and an interview with the winner. 

We had some special visitors at Amesbury School last month and the headline crew had the opportunity to interview them. Enjoy the episode.


Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Happy Maori Language week everybody. The culture crew have put together a short video of some useful phrases that you can use in Te Reo Māori. He pārekareka ki! (Enjoy!)


In Week 5, we celebrated book week! Here is our latest Amesbury TV episode to showcase some of the great things we did around book week. Take a look - it's a good one!


Matariki is our latest episode making it our 8th Episode this year. We had a wonderful celebration! We hope you did as well. Enjoy!!


Book week is coming up next week...please take a look at our promo video for it!




The latest sports events - Cross country and the Junior Invitational is covered in this episode. Enjoy watching some Amesbury School's finest runners.


An exciting episode created by the Music crew from Amesbury TV. Have fun watching Derek practising with the bands. 


The next instalment from Amesbury TV is the 5th Episode. In this episode we explore Ramadan and interview some children that are celebrating Ramadan. Enjoy the show.

Here is the 4th Episode from Amesbury TV. The community crew have put together an enjoyable show about Movin' March. We welcome any comments you may have. Happy watching!!



We had a very special guest come to visit Amesbury School: His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan on the 3rd of May 2018. Please watch the video to see highlights of the visit. A special thank you to Nethmi who had the opportunity to shadow our visitor and captured some excellent moments. 



The third episode of Amesbury TV is brought to you by the Sports Crew. They are reporting on the girls Futsal tournament and rippa Rugby. We hope you like it!



The second episode of Amesbury TV is brought to you by the Headline Crew. They are covering the first Powhiri of 2018. Enjoy this episode!


The first episode of Amesbury TV is brought to you by the Cultural Crew. They are covering the Lunar New Year 2018. Enjoy the show!


The movin' March campaign video made by the community news crew of Amesbury TV.


A video introduction to the Amesbury TV crew who will be covering all the news in and around Amesbury School for 2018.