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Working at the crossroads where theory meets

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"Explore the theory, see the practice"


Term 1

Strategies for Transformational Leadership - 1 April       

Key strategies to transform your leadership as an emerging or middle leader

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Term 2

Coaching Leadership: Growing Your People - 20 May      

Coaching leadership is a transformative professional learning approach which assists teachers and leaders to develop the very different skills and mindsets required for living,

and educating in the post-modern world of today and tomorrow.

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Designing Learning: Personalising Learning for Every Student - 10 June       

Explore our group learning maps then dig deep into your own data and work through a design learning approach to create learning plans.

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Term 3

Developing an Integrated Curriculum; Systems, Structures, Processes and some Tips - 12 August

An introduction to the principles and practices of developing an integral curriculum, using the experiences of Amesbury School as a reference point for exploration.

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A Contemporary Curriculum; Reframing Literacy as “Communication Arts” - 9 Sept        

With the removal of national standards, it is now time to reinstate the full curriculum.  The question is, what does this look like in our contemporary context?  Explores a model

of “Communication Arts” and how it varies from a “literacy” approach.

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A Conversation about Postformal Education and the Future of Education with Dr Jennifer Gidley - 9 October

We are excited to bring Dr Jennifer Gidley futurist, postformal psychologist and author of Postformal Education; A Philosophy for Complex Futures, to Amesbury School,

Wellington, New Zealand for a one day workshop. We have found her philosophy of postformal education to be challenging and

highly relevant for these times in which we live and educate.

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