School Design

Design Intro

Our architect has put together a YouTube video of what the school was going to look like when it was finished. The video incorporates the colour palette that we chose for the interiors, but the furniture is simply a placeholder; the furniture in the school has more variety, including a range of formal and informal seating options to suit a range of learning needs and styles. Alternatively, you can check out how the school looks now on this fabulous fly-through, produced for us by the team at Quadrolab.

Architect's Video Clip: 


Amesbury School is committed to developing a 21st Century Learning environment and providing an environment that caters for the needs of all students. Our purpose built 21st Century environment allows us to work flexibly to ensure all children’s learning is engaging, meaningful, personalised, joyful and empowering.

Our school is a flexible learning environment with strong indoor/outdoor flow, connecting the school buildings with the outdoor learning environment, thereby emphasising the important point that learning happens everywhere.

We have a hall, library, large meeting room, teachers’ workrooms, media room and parents’ area with coffee making facilities. Our grounds include two playgrounds, two courts, a three quarter length soccer pitch and a wetlands area. Further outdoor environments are currently being considered.  The hall has a half size basketball court and hoop, and is marked out for 2 badminton courts.

The school has been built initially with 5 suites of rooms with each suite being the equivalent space of two traditional classrooms. You can see further information regarding furnishings by clicking this link and scrolling down.

The flexibility means that each suite contains several spaces where a variety of learning activities can take place or it can be opened up into larger open spaces. The buildings are designed to ensure these reconfigurations of the spaces can occur very easily and naturally - providing a range of flexible learning spaces allowing teachers to meet a wide range of learning needs.

Our school currently consists of two learning hubs and an admin block. The senior hub (Harakeke) comprises two suites and the junior hub (Koru) is made up of three suites. Our admin block houses the library, parent area, reception area and hall.

Each hub (which has several spaces and a range of possible configurations) is furnished to accommodate learners in a variety of contexts across the space, utilising a range of furniture to facilitate this. There is a mix of more traditional table and chair furnishings as well as soft furnished stools, ottomans, bean chairs and other soft seating to facilitate the different configurations of learning. The floor is also significantly used due to the water conducted underfloor heating that runs throughout the school.

Concern for the environment: 5 Green Star Rating

Amesbury School has a 5 Green Star Rating.

The Green Star rating system was developed by the NZ Green Building Council in partnership with the building industry. Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating scheme that evaluates a building's environmental impact based on site selection, design, construction and maintenance. The categories that buildings are evaluated against are:

• Management
• Indoor Environment Quality
• Energy
• Transport
• Water
• Materials
• Land Use & Ecology
• Emissions

Credits are awarded within each category based on the building's environmental merits. Points are then weighted and an overall score is calculated, determining the project's Green Star NZ rating.

The ratings that can be achieved are:
4 Green Star NZ Certified Rating - signifying 'Best Practice'
5 Green Star NZ Certified Rating - signifying 'New Zealand Excellence'
6 Green Star NZ Certified Rating - signifying 'World Leadership'

Refer to for more information.

The Amesbury School design team incorporated a variety of environmental attributes and principles that contributed to a 5 Green Star NZ Certified Rating. These environmental attributes reduced the impact of the buildings' construction and ongoing resource requirements, and also provide an important learning resource for all those that pass through its gates.

School Logo

Amesbury School’s logo is about representing the school in a modern and cultural way. It follows the five values that represents the school.

These values are:

  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Building Relationships

It also communicates the environment which surrounds the school and also relates heavily to the community and the future of the school.

If you require a copy of the school logo please contact the school office.