Connecting with us

We are passionate about developing educational theory, pedagogy and practices to meet the needs of our 21st century learners; and we love to connect with other educators to share our latest thinking and practices, but also to hear what you are doing, and, in that collaboration, to extend our own thinking. Being continually responsive to a future that is unpredictable and emergent, and, developing the capacities of teachers and students to thrive in a world where the only thing that is certain is uncertainty, is hard work and not work that can be done in isolation. We need each other. 

We have several ways you can connect with us as outlined below.

This website

There is lots of information about our approach to education on this website and we hope to keep building the resources that are available. Please check out our website and you will be able to learn lots about the way things are done here. In particular, check out our An Amesbury Education page and the articles about Our Developing Educational Thinking at the bottom of the Home page. We will be developing our Resources' page for educators as we are able to.

Visitor days

We are able to offer Visitor Days on mutually convenient days. If you wish to visit Amesbury School, please email We will get back to you as soon as we are able to.

The programme for Visitor Days is generally as follows:


Arrive, coffee, tea etc.


Presentation of developing vision, theories of education, pedagogical approaches, practices etc.


Visit the hubs


Morning tea - connect with teachers


Debrief – questions that have arisen as you have been observing in the hubs

ALF – Amesbury Learning Framework for personalisation of learning: our cloud-based application for planning, assessment, reporting and e-Portfolio

Or... continue to observe in hubs


Several small workshops to meet your needs. You opt in or not:

For example:

  • e-Learning at Amesbury
  • Bringing the school community on board
  • Communication at Amesbury
  • Leadership
  • Student agency
  • Leading/managing change
  • Expert teacher/coaching role


We will still be around to answer questions and to talk through your issues etc.

If you wish to stay for the day and use our meeting room or staffroom for discussion and planning etc., please check whether a space is available ( We will definitely accommodate you if we are able to.

We look forward to meeting up with you sometime in the future.

Future of Education

Check out our Future of Education website where we publish a range of articles we have written in the hopes of generating a positive, intelligent, empowering and inclusive conversation about the future of education. These articles are used as the basis for Professional Development in some schools.

Virtual hangout 

You may not be able to get down here to Wellington, but we can still catch up with you via Skype, Google Hangouts or something similar. Fill out this form with your request and we will see how we can help.

Professional development sessions and coaching

For more indepth, personalised professional development and/or coaching, please email Lesley at with your request. This service is likely to be at a cost.


We will provide up-to-date information about any conferences (or unconferences), symposia etc. that we might be attending, hosting, assisting to organise, or presenting at. For information, follow this link.


This link will take you to our Resources' page where you can access articles, videos etc. (which will be made available as we develop them). We always have plenty to share, but, unfortunately, limited time to develop resources.