Student Learning & ALF

What is ALF (Amesbury Learning Framework)?

You have probably heard your child talk about “ALF”.  ALF stands for Amesbury Learning Frameworks and is a website where all your child’s learning information.  Through it you can access your child’s reports, goals, progress and examples of school work.

ALF is an awesome source of information for parents, students and teachers to help track student goals, and it acts as a portfolio for student work. Want to see what your child has been up to at school? Look no further than ALF! 

See below for further detail on what you'll find in ALF and how to access it yourself from anywhere!

If you have any difficulty navigating ALF, ask your child first (most of them are experts!)

What can you see in ALF?

Using the navigation links across the top of the screen, you can find more detail on the following areas:


All your students reports while at Amesbury School. We recommend that you download and save them, so you can access them once your child has left school.


The working goals that your student is currently focussing on.

Mathematics / Reading / Writing

Here you can view the matrices (learning progression) for your child's learning while at Amesbury School.

A green star means they have achieved that goal, a half coloured star means it is a goal (either student or teacher focused) and a blank star has yet to be achieved.

Underneath each goal will be a set of green thumbs which link to work that the student has produced that is evidence of their goals. If you click these green thumb links will take you directly to your child’s work. Some work may not be shared openly to you. If this is the case, just click the request access button.

At this stage only the Writing curriculum area has information and student work. Mathematics and Reading will follow soon.


A timeline of goal setting and achievement.


Here you can select a timeframe to see when you child has made progress.


Parent guide to accessing ALF

Getting Started: Parents will require their own Gmail account to access ALF. We also recommend you use Chrome to view ALF.

Already have a Gmail account? If you have a Gmail account registered in your school contact information - you will already be recognised in the system.

Don’t have a Gmail account? If you don’t have a Gmail account (or if you have a Gmail account that we are not aware of), you will need to set one up, and email through the following information to [email protected]: First name; Gmail address; and Your child's school email (or their first and last name).

You will be notified by email confirming you have been set up. Please let us know if you would like us to update our school contact information with this address or just use it for logging into ALF.

How to log in

1. Go to or tap the ALF icon on the Amesbury School App.
2. Unblock the pop up or check the pop up is not blocked (indicated by a red cross in the top right of the URL bar - highlighted in yellow below).


3. Click G+Login.

4. Select your Gmail account or login to Gmail.

5. You will be able to see own your child(ren). Where you have more than one child, select the child you wish to view. To change to another child, when you have finished viewing, click the cross by your child's name (highlighted yellow in the picture below) and repeat the process, logging in and selecting another child.


6. Click the headings to view different aspects of your child's learning, outlined in more detail below.


If you have any problems, please email Lisa: [email protected]





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