Day Three - Skiing, Tobogganning and Camp Quiz

By Angela Johnston | Posted: Thursday September 3, 2015

It's the middle of the night - no wind.  It's pre-dawn and no wind.  It's early morning and the air is still. Open the curtains and we see fresh snow.  Finally we can see the mighty peaks surrounding us - and a clear snow field. Today's the day!

With no time to waste, our experienced skiiers head off first.  Our beginners are all kitted up and ready to go. They are  quickly surprised at how hard it is to walk through deep snow in ski boots.  Before we even start some were unsure if skiing was their cup of tea.  After a short rest, our lesson begins.  Everyone gives it a go and has success!  And so the day continues.

The afternoon has Mike and some kids playing in the snow and the others making the most of the clear ski field.  Clear and quick ski runs were had by the keenest of them all.  

Tacos then peach and apple crumple refueled our bellies for dinner. The evening entertainment saw the '21 Gangster Unicorns' take out first place in our ski camp quiz.  Congratulations to Ayrton, Marco, Ha-Yeon and Matilda. 

Only half a day to go and we hit the road. It is looking positive towards another morning of skiing tomorrow.

Good night all!

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