Years 3-6 Amesbury School Athletics Results

By Demelza Topp | Posted: Friday October 18, 2019

On Thursday, Harakeke students and teachers went to Newtown Park for the senior athletics day...and what a fantastic day!

It was so great to see all our Years 3-6 students showing positive attitudes and putting in a lot of effort to each of their events. 

One of the highlights from the day was the very first sprint race. The Year 3 boys were bolting down the track, crossed the finish line and carried on around the bend. Demelza had to speed across the field to tell them to stop. The relief at knowing they didn't have to go any further was absolutely priceless. 

Another highlight from the day was Gerhard clearing a height of 1.10m in high jump. The bar must have been nearly over his head. 

These are just two of the highlights from day. There were too many excellent and exciting performances to name them all in this article. Well done to all the students who competed! You were amazing.

We were also very fortunate with the weather, managing to find the one sunny day in between a bunch of miserable, rainy days. Needless to say, we were all very pleased and will ask for more of the same next year.

Here is a link to the results.

An email for students who have qualified for Northern Zone will be sent out early next week. Please note that we can take the top two for each of the sprint events and the top two students who have met the qualifying standard for the field events (long jump, high jump, quoits, vortex). 

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