By Amaria Picard | Posted: Thursday September 26, 2019

We sent our Amesbury Choir of 18 children to participate in the Artsplash performance at the Michael Fowler Centre on Tuesday of Week 9.

They sang with enthusiasm and energy that lit up the Michael Fowler Centre. Their stamps and claps in the opening songs were fantastic. Their singing and signing were beautiful too. They entered into the world of Doctor Seuss with fantastic props and danced their way to the end with ‘Better When I’m Dancing’.

Some comments from the choir:

“I would definitely recommend this for people that like singing. You don't have to even like performing.”

“I like it because you don’t have to do it yourself you can do it with a friend.”

“One of our favourite songs was ‘A te Tarakihi’ because it was like a bit dramatic. Also we really enjoyed doing some actions in ‘No Place Like Home’ because it helps some people know what it means. It is also sign language.” 

A big thank you to Vanessa for all her hard work in preparing our Choir for such an event.

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