Leavers leave us proud

By Lesley Murrihy | Posted: Monday December 14, 2015

Last night (Monday night) a very special event in the school's calendar occurred - the year 6 Leavers' dinner and celebration.

16 students "graduated" from Amesbury School. They are off to a variety of different schools, though most will attend Raroa Intermediate.  The highlight of the evening was definitely the students' speeches which were carefully thought through and well written. The students shared their experiences of Amesbury School - some of their funny moments were funny indeed! However, what made my eyes water, was when students shared their hopes and dreams for the future. These students made me so proud and so excited about the future of our world. People can often be negative about young people today. But I am convinced our world will be in great hands if our students are anything to go by.

In the words of a student:

"Now let's talk about the future. My hopes and dreams for the future are to become a man who helps and cares for others. A man who fights for what he believes in but knows when to fight and when not to. I hope to be an inspiring person whom all people can count on to help solve the world's problems and before I die pass my knowledge on to many people because then when one problem solver passes on, there will be a great many people to solve problems in his place.

In conclusion, I think you should try to do what I am going to try to do in the future - even if you are an adult. It is never too late to change."

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