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Amesbury School Digest and Notices 16

Recapitation Update

Posted: Wednesday November 29, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 15

So thrilled to see the Tui back again, fighting and feasting in the Harakeke. The shimmer of blue as the light catches their feathers is entrancing; and so I sit staring out my window, distracted from my work....

Posted: Monday November 20, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 13

We had a much smaller than usual turn out to our community meeting last Wednesday. But we have found out that it did clash with some significant events such as sporting prize-givings, which, of course, are very important to attend.

Posted: Monday October 9, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 14

Well, here we are. Congratulations for surviving this whirl-wind term. I commiserate with you on the weather forecast for next week – pretty much wet, wet, and more wet. Sorry if you were hoping for sunshine – like I was.

Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 12

Kia ora koutou. 

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 11

You may have seen an item on TV1’s ‘Seven Sharp’ show earlier this week, which looked at open plan hub learning environments. You can view the story here.

Posted: Wednesday August 16, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 10

Kia ora te whanau

Posted: Wednesday August 2, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 9

Kia ora koutou

Posted: Thursday July 6, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 8

It was wonderful to catch up with so many people at our community evening a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the teachers for extending their school day and staying for the “Eat and Greet”, and, particular thanks to those wonderful teachers who stayed on to look after the children...

Posted: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 7

Kia ora koutou

Posted: Wednesday May 31, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 6

Kia ora koutou

Posted: Friday May 12, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 5

Kia ora koutou te whanau

Posted: Tuesday April 11, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 4

Kia ora

Posted: Wednesday March 29, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 3

Kia ora koutou

Posted: Tuesday March 14, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 2

Kia ora koutou 

Posted: Monday February 27, 2017

Amesbury School Digest 1

Kia ora koutou

Posted: Friday February 10, 2017

Amesbury School Digest

It has been a great end of year. I have enjoyed the various events, seeing children's achievements recognised in a variety of ways.

Posted: Friday December 16, 2016

Amesbury School Digest

Kia ora koutou

Posted: Friday December 2, 2016

Amesbury School Digest

The earthquake on Sunday night certainly changed our Monday and probably will impact the rest of the week. However, I would like to take a moment to think of those who were injured, lost their lives, their homes and their livelihoods as a result of this earthquake; but also to...

Posted: Wednesday November 16, 2016

Amesbury School Digest

There are a number of legislative and other changes currently being proposed for education. New Zealand School Trustees Association is sending out emails providing advice to Boards of Trustees on them. NZEI currently has a “Better Funding” bus travelling New Zealand encouraging the public to stand against some of the...

Posted: Monday October 31, 2016