Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available from Tuesday to Friday every week. Lunch orders are supplied by well known local food outlets and delivered fresh to school each day. We use Lunchonline to supply lunches on most days. You will need to visit the site and set up an account with funds on it before your first purchase. Click here to create an account. 



Pizza Day! Fresh cheese pizza from Dominoes, delivered just in time for lunch! Order through the school shop.


Filled rolls, savouries, fruit, drinks and sweet treats from Wellington's famous Nada Bakery. Check out the menu of options here, and click here to order. 


Our most popular lunch orders are delicious and healthy Subway sandwiches. Yum! Check out the menu of options here, and click here to order. 


Pita Pit sandwiches are healthy and filling, a perfect finish to the school week. Check out the menu of options here, and click here to order.