Interested in being part of a school choir?

By: John Murrihy | Posted Friday May 24, 2024

It will be a lot of fun and students will learn skills such as harmonising, listening, moving as a group, stage etiquette, dynamics & more.

What choir will offer is an opportunity to sing as part of a group, but it is not the place to "learn to sing". It's not a singing lesson, and students will not receive vocal training. There will be little voice coaching involved.

Soloists will be selected from those who take singing lessons as Tamsyn will be able to work with them on their parts in their singing class time.

We will provide choir as a free additional option for those already taking co-curricular singing lessons, and for others we will offer it for a minimal cost of $30 per term.

If your tamariki are interested in being involved in this opportunity - whether they currently take singing lessons or not - please complete this registration of interest form.

If you have any questions, please contact John (

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