Term 4 inquiry: Living in a diverse world

By: Urs Cunningham | Posted Friday October 11, 2019

Hubs across the school will be exploring this through a focus on festivals and celebrations. Each team will focus on this in two core ways:

1) For the first few weeks students will explore what celebrations and festivals are, and the purpose of them. They will look at celebrations, festivals or events that are important for their own family, and each student will create a way to share information about a celebration or event that is important to their family. Each team will run a 'bar camp' (a way of students sharing their learning with other students) where students will have a chance both to share their event / festival / celebration, and also to see presentations from other students. 

You may want to talk with your child/ren about what they might like to share from their family / culture / background. It may be a festival or celebration that is important to your family (such as Lunar New Year, Eid al-Fitr, Easter, Diwali, etc.) or something that your family sees as important (such as a weekly shared meal with grandparents).

2) After the bar camps, students will then move into an 'ourTime' project, working in small mixed groups to create their own shared festival or celebration. These celebrations will be shared as part of our learning celebration in Week 7. 

Running throughout the inquiry will be an ongoing exploration for each student of sharing and articulating what is important to them, listening respectfully to the thoughts and perspectives of others, and understanding how we treat each other as valued human beings. 

It promises to be an exciting, busy term that will be lots of fun. 

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury team

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