Science Roadshow here we come!

By: Gemma Williamson | Posted Thursday August 22, 2019

The Science Roadshow, a nationally travelling show, is in Wellington. As part of our Term 3 science inquiry, Living for a Protected New Zealand, Amesbury School will be heading along to take part in the show. We will visit the exhibition at Newlands Intermediate School.

The roadshow consists of over 60 hands-on exhibitions and 2 demonstrations. One demonstration is based on the principles around force and movement, and the other is based around the building blocks of reactions.

Students will take part in this trip in year groups:

Monday 23 September
Year 3 and year 4 students from Harakeke Hub will leave school at 12pm and will return at approximately 2:20pm.

Year 5 and year 6 students from Harakeke Hub will leave school at 1pm and they will return at approximately 3pm. Please note that if traffic is heavy the bus may return a few minutes after 3pm on this day.

Tuesday 24 September
Year 0 and year 1 students from Te Rito and Koru Hubs will leave school at 11:30am and return at approximately 1:40pm.

Year 2 and 3 students from Koru Hub will leave school at 12:45pm and return at approximately 2:50pm.

The cost for this trip, including the cost of buses, will be $15 per student. This cost will be added to student accounts in the online shop - payment must be made before the trip to confirm your child(ren)’s place.

As with all school trips, it is always good to have some additional whānau help with supervision. Each group will be looking for 3 or 4 whānau members to accompany the group to the roadshow. If you are able to come along and help with supervision, please email your child's whānau teacher. 

Warm regards,

The Amesbury Team

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