School Notices - 12 August 2019

By: John Murrihy | Posted Monday August 12, 2019

What's on?

School Photos

All the school photos were taken last Tuesday. (It was done so efficiently, it didn't flow over Thursday as expected).

Proofs should be available to view online next week. Instructions for ordering photos will be sent out as well.

School App

​A reminder again to download the school App. It's the easiest way for us to send and you to receive communications from the school.

Download it by searching 'SchoolAppsNZ' ​and then 'Amesbury' in the App Store. Don't forget to select any groups that are appropriate to your children.

Lunch time activities

Just a reminder that a variety of lunchtime activities are taking place. With Lisa back the Tech Club starts this week. For Term 3 the following activities will be open to all students:

➢ Monday – Library Activities, Science Club

➢ Tuesday – Library Activities, Tech Club

➢ Wednesday – Library Activities, Choir

➢ Thursday – Library Activities, Tech Club

➢ Friday – Library Activities, Garden Club

Eating utensils

I know this seems to be a no-brainer thing to say but don't forget to pack forks, spoons, chopsticks or whatever else with food that requires something to eat with. Your kids will appreciate it.

Bags wanted - none received last week!

It looks like all of the Amesbury parents have done the environment a huge favour and don't have any plastic bags laying around home. Well done!

However, this doesn't help Rachel as she tries to send wet clothes home with nothing to put them in. Please have a good look round home and take any bags you find to Rachel. Thanks heaps.

Gumboots, slippers and spare clothing

With the wet and wild weather outside as I write, just a reminder to send  your kids to school with gumboots, slippers, and spare clothing. We also encourage you to put a plastic bag in the bottom of your child's bag because, as you read above, we don't have any.  

Lost Property

Just a reminder too that any unnamed 'found property' is located at the office.

The photo below shows what has been gathered and unclaimed this week. Some of it will be very recognisable to the owners. It will be donated if not claimed so please take a few seconds to look at the photo.

Community Notices

Onslow College Rowing Club

The Onslow College Rowing Club (OCRC) is holding a Book Fair Fundraiser on Sat 24 - Sun 25 August (9am - 3pm).

Our Book Fair includes coffee, cake and sausage sizzle sales. EFT-POS and parking is available - so book lovers everywhere can drive on up to take away lots of books! We have a fantastic selection and something for everyone. Funds raised assist our rowers and coaches, who put hours of training and top level effort in each season. They do our local community proud in the regional and national competitions! This is our main fundraiser and we are heavily reliant on local support, so any assistance you can provide to spread the word would be very much appreciated.

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