By: Chris Waugh | Posted Wednesday August 23, 2017

The Wetlands has not been draining away (due to the high water table) and has, at times, become unsafe. As a result, the wetlands have been out of bounds quite a lot this term. However, we became particularly concerned this week when the water was particularly high and was not receding. We were also worried about the safety of unsupervised children after school and at the weekends. As a result, we have had a fence put around it. We will leave this up until the holidays and then we will review the situation. In the interests of safety, please do not let children climb the fence even if it seems to have dried out. We are worried because the water is very muddy and there is quite a bit of water in the harakeke (flax) and children might not be seen if they fall in. 

Thank you.

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