Learning to use our toolbox of self belief

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Tuesday October 13, 2015

Yesterday morning we were lucky to have Te Hamua Nikora deliver a dynamic, inspirational and motivational talk to our tamariki...

Te Hamua Nikora was equipped with his guitar and shared his tools for being a success! He began with a waiata to uplift us and used some fancy equipment to change his voice into a chorus of voices (the three little men living inside the box)

His key message was to use our toolbox of self belief (toolbox within your heart)

1. My self / my identity -I know who am I - I am somebody 

2. My friends - Talking and communicating with your friends - Helping each other - Make sure your friends stay on track - Coolest way to be cool - just be you! 

3. My family - Family helps us believe and support us - Family believe in us

Take the tools of: myself, my friends and my family to make a triangle, put this on your chest - I believe in me!

Challenge - two children were asked to participant in a challenge where they navigated a remote control car through obstacles then they had to do this with their eyes closed, being guided by the large group. The key message was guide yourself, have your eyes open. I believe in me! 

Year 6 then had a workshop with Te Hamua. He talked about the famous Spider-Man quote 'Great power has great responsibility' that as leaders we have great influence over those younger than us. He also talked about making the most of school and that 'In an abundance of water, a fool is thirsty' - drink learning. 

A great morning to kick start Term 4! 

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