Northern Zone Athletics Results

By Eilis Cassidy | Posted: Thursday November 17, 2022

Monday the 14th of November brought with it an amazing day of sunshine where 32 of our Amesbury tamariki got to compete in the Northern Zone Athletics event.

For the first time in two years Newtown Park hosted over 300 students for the Northern Zone Athletics meet. The sunhats and sunscreen bottles were in high demand over the day with many students taking some much needed rest in the stands between events.

The day got off to a flying start with the relays followed by 45 minute rotations of the other events including vortex, quoits, high jump, long jump and the biggest crowd pleaser on the day; sprints. The day concluded with the middle distance races, an amazing feat considering the hot temperatures after midday.

The athletes were encouraged and celebrated by the large crowd in attendance. A word of thanks to all the parents who transported our tamariki to and from the event so that they could participate.

A big whakamihi (congratulations) to seven of our fantastic athletes who advance to the next stage of the competition. They are: Jade T, Mira R, Paige S, Sofia C, Jiya L, Kingsley L & Abigail G.

The Primary Sports Wellington InterZone meet will take place on Tuesday 29th November at Newtown Park. Best wishes to each of the athletes representing our Kura.

All results can be viewed by clicking this link. 

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