Amesbury Games 2022

By: Eilis Cassidy | Posted Thursday November 10, 2022

This event will see our tamariki try out a number of new sports and physical activities in a fun and safe environment that they are familiar with. The aim of these games is to have all children involved and give something new a go in a fun and encouraging way.

There will be a set number of stations posing different challenges for the children to move around with their whānau teacher. These challenges will be age appropriate and include equipment that they may not have had a chance to use before. Each hub will spend one block of the day enjoying the stations.

  • Koru’s focus will mainly be on the locomotor and gross motor skills movements built into fun games and obstacle courses.

  • Harakeke will explore lots of different forms of movement with a chance to develop their technical skills a little further.

  • Meanwhile Pōhutukawa will get the opportunity to learn some new skills in orienteering, field games and functional movements, to name a few. 

Our number one goal is to have all our tamariki participating, having fun and trying something new in a carnival like atmosphere. There will be a small personal achievement award for all participants.

The Amesbury Games is a great opportunity for our school to raise money to help fund the Kiwi Hoops programme which will happen in Term 1 next year. This acclaimed programme will be delivered by Capital Basketball and gives our students a great opportunity to be trained by specialist coaches. Each child will be given a participation card ahead of time which will be stamped at every station. It will also include space for sponsorship names to be added on the back if the students wish to write them on.

We greatly appreciate your support in delivering a high quality physical education programme for our tamariki as we strive to provide as many new opportunities as possible. More information around the sponsorship will be provided in the next newsletter. 

Warm regards,

Eilís (Sports Coordinator) 

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