Wellington North Primary Schools' Citizenship Awards

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Tuesday September 15, 2015

Which Year 6 student from Amesbury School will be presented the award for showing "true leadership, citizenship and contribution to school life"?

This is the first year for the Wellington North Primary Schools’ Citizenship Awards, run by the Wellington City Council. An award will be presented at the end of each year to one Year 6 student who has shown “true leadership, citizenship, and contribution to school life” in each of the local primary schools, including Amesbury School.

Malcolm Sparrow, Wellington city councillor, was at school recently letting the students know what the award is all about, and encouraging Year 6 children to strive to attain it! 

He explained that, “The awards are based on how well a student contributes to school life.

  • You might be doing things around the school to be helpful
  • You might be involved in an eco or environmental group or simply pick up rubbish you see on the ground. 
  • You might have been involved in raising funds for a good cause.
  • You might help in running a sports team, in road patrol, in medical room duties, or in the library. 
  • You may take on responsibilities in your own time without having to be asked or you might be a young leader. 
  • It’s all about how you contribute to school life, the way you live your life in school each day "

Each school chooses its own Year 6 winning student, who will attend a presentation ceremony involving winners from nine Wellington North schools.  This will take place in late November, when the Mayor of Wellington will present the awards.

Each winning student will receive a trophy and certificate.  The school will be presented with a wooden shield to be hung on the wall in the school’s office with the name of each year’s winner on it, starting with the 2015 winner!