Amesbury Cultural Showcase 2022

By: Onaitta Setefano | Posted Thursday September 22, 2022

Our third inquiry for 2022 is Living in a Global World and asks 2 main questions: 

  • Who are we? and 
  • Who am I? 

To answer the first question we have created a Cultural Showcase. This event is to celebrate the many cultures throughout Amesbury School and will allow for whānau to travel around “The World”. Rather than a traditional production, whānau will be able to move through the different learning spaces experiencing music, drama, visual arts, dance and more. 

Our showcase will be divided into the following regions: Aotearoa, Africa, Asia, The Americas, Europe, Middle East, The Pacific Islands, and South East Asia.

Similar to our electives, students have been working collaboratively with kaiako (teachers) and ākonga (students) from across the school. Each region will offer a look into 2 student-chosen countries and present what they have learned in a culturally respectful way. Whānau should be able to leave each space having heard the language, learned some new facts, and understood the contribution each culture has made to the world.

We want our community to have the best interactive experience possible, which does mean we must limit numbers at any given time.

There are 2 days for whānau to choose from:

  • Tuesday 25th October, 9.30 - 11.00am
  • Thursday 27th October, 9.30 - 11.00am

Bookings are required and expressions of interest can be made through this form by Tuesday 18th October. You will be contacted with the number of tickets you have.

For any further information, please email either:

Angela; or


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