Harakeke Hub Term 2 2022

By Jemima Colquhoun | Posted: Friday July 1, 2022

It has been a busy term in Harakeke Hub, with lots of different learning and events happening. Read on to find out more about what we got up to in Harakeke in Term 2.

At the beginning of the term, we were very excited to be able to have parents and whānau come and visit our hub to see our learning celebration. Tamariki loved sharing their projects they had been working hard on. Cross country, school photos, Nanogirl science show, swimming lessons, and visiting Johnsonville Library at Waitohi were also some of the highlights for students. 

Communication Arts

As part of communication arts, we have been learning about different genres of writing. To begin with we created infographics about ourselves, which are proudly displayed around the hub. We then explored narratives, looking at what we need to include in our narratives, and how we can use exciting language to make these more interesting. We have finished with scientific reports, linking these with experiments and learning we’ve done as part of inquiry.

For reading, we have explored a number of different texts, often linking to the learning done in writing or inquiry. We have delved deeper into texts by using our critical thinking skills. Finally, we have looked at weather reports, symbols, and how weather impacts on our daily lives.


We have loved learning about different number systems from different cultures and civilisations, to help us understand our base 10 number system better. A highlight for many tamariki was learning about Roman numerals, and we had lots of questions about Ancient Rome, too.

We’ve also explored fractions, measurement, and patterns. These have come through in other areas of learning, like inquiry, art, and dance. It has been a cool learning experience for tamariki to see how maths exists in all areas of life, not just in maths lessons.


For Module 2 of our inquiry, we have looked at the ‘material world’, focusing on fabric, construction, food, weather, and combustion. Tamariki have enjoyed being able to look at these materials up close, and experiment with them. A real highlight for ākonga was in Wiki Whitu (Week 7), we made butter in a jar and pear jam, then we enjoyed it on toast. Yum!

We have also looked at the different materials used in construction throughout history, and why particular materials are effective for building in certain conditions. This is especially relevant with the new build happening next to our hub!

Thank you to all of the whānau who continue to support the learning of tamariki in Harakeke Hub.

Click here to look at some photos from across the term.