Nanogirl: Science Superhero Assembly

By John Murrihy | Posted: Saturday June 25, 2022

"Tornado Tammy" thrilled and inspired us with her science superpowers.

On Wednesday "Tornado Tammy" shared with us her love of science using a wide range of experiments involving, amongst other things, fire and smoke - always a hit.

But first, she stressed the need for safety - wearing the essential safety clothing and to respect the equipment being used.

Then onto the experiments. First up was holding fire in her bare hand. That really got the excitement ball rolling. Ever tried to put a sharp skewer though a blown up balloon without popping it? Unfortunately, a few of our students tried and failed. "Tornado Tammy" then showed how it could be done while explaining the reason why.

Image by: John Murrihy

"Tornado Tammy" then presented us with a few gadgets she'd made herself which shot out cool circles of smoke but which contained air to knock items off heads from a large distance.

Image by: John Murrihy

We were treated to experiments on how air pressures work on items to keep them in the air and the difference between centripetal and centrifugal forces which work together to ensure that no one got wet when swinging a beaker of water around.

Image by: John Murrihy

Later, one of our lucky students got to ride around on a home made hoverboard. How cool was that.

Image by: John Murrihy

To finish off, we were treated to our very own 'toilet roll' streamer, again using the properties of how air pressure works.

Image by: John Murrihy

Thank you "Tornado Tammy" for opening our eyes to the fun of science - made easy - and to all of the students who enthusiastically participated in the experiments and provided excellent answers to the various questions posed. The students (and teachers) were enthralled and the practical experiments made us appreciate how the complexities of nature could be so simply demonstrated.

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