What have we been up to in Pohutukawa Hub this term?

By Kalesha Segatta | Posted: Tuesday April 12, 2022

This term has been a busy one for Pohutukawa Hub and we would love to share some of our learning with you. This article will give you some more detailed information about the learning that we have been engaging with in Pōhutukawa this term.

Communication Arts
This term we have been developing our knowledge and understanding of Aotearoa’s history. We have spent large amounts of time engaging in explorations about the significant events that have helped to shape the kind of country that Aotearoa is today. We spent a large amount of time exploring 5 main events:

  • The creation and signing of He Whakaputanga - The Declaration of Independence

  • The creation and signing of Te Tiriti ō Waitangi and the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Kupe’s discovery of Aotearoa, New Zealand

  • Captain Cook and Abel Tasman’s arrival in Aotearoa, New Zealand

  • The land wars

Throughout each of these explorations, our students were able to delve deeper into the history of these events and engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussions with each other about their own opinions and the reasoning behind them.

In the last 4 weeks, our students have been working in groups to put together projects that detail each of the significant events in Aotearoa’s history. Each group has created a presentation aimed at teaching people about the event and describing why it is a significant part of our story. Along with this, they have used their visual art skills to create a piece of art that represents their significant event. We look forward to being able to share these projects with you during our Term 2 learning celebration.

Hauora (Health)

During our Hauora sessions, we have spent time focussing on a range of different topics that further develop our student’s understanding of their own identity and the world around them. The topics we have explored are:

  • What makes us unique?

  • Truly knowing myself as a person

  • The difference between sex and gender

  • Gender identities

  • Gender roles and stereotypes

  • Media influences on gender identities and roles

Each of our students will have evidence uploaded to a range of their Journey of Growth and Development goals on Hero as a result of this learning journey.

Visual Art

For visual arts this term, we have focussed on developing our drawing skills. This has seen our students engage in activities designed to help them practise drawing objects and people as well as practising their shading, colouring and sketching skills.


For the first half of the term, our students worked hard to design and create their own animal sanctuaries. This unit of work required the children to use their number strategies in order to grow their understanding of measurement and position and orientation. They worked hard to choose which animals they were going to include in their park, map out their enclosures, figure out how much food they would need and employ some staff to look after them. Throughout this, they had to keep track of their budget and ensure that their calculations were correct. It was great to see their designs come to life with the students creating their sanctuary physically using cardboard and other materials, or digitally on Minecraft. Our students took photos/screenshots of their projects, so please feel free to ask them to show you these.

For the remainder of the term, we have been focussing on developing our problem-solving skills. We have spent time exploring a range of open-ended problems that require our children to think creatively and differently. It has been wonderful to see our students pulling questions apart to identify missing pieces of information and adapt their strategies to be able to solve the problems. This is something that we will continue to work on as we move into Term 2.


For coaching, we have focussed on developing plans to achieve our Journey of Growth and Development goals. Each of our students has their own ‘Growth and Development Trophy Cabinet’ where they keep track of the goals that they have already achieved. This provides us with ample opportunities to celebrate the awesome achievements that our students make each and every day. When engaging in coaching conversations with each other, our students focus on their Journey of Growth and Development goals and the plan of action that they want to put in place to ensure that they achieve their goals. Each of our students is able to access their trophy cabinet from home, so please ask them to show you and tell you all about it.


For PE this term we have been prepping our ākonga for the cross country event early next term. We have been developing our running skills and working hard to grow our stamina. It has been wonderful to see the effort and enthusiasm that our students have put into these sessions as they have tried their best to keep going even when it gets tough. We look forward to seeing how they go during the cross country event in week 1 of term 2.

Te Reo Māori

In our Te Reo sessions, our students have continued to work on their pepeha (introduction) and have been practising how to introduce their family members to other people. We have been recording ourselves using voice recorders which have aided children in developing their pronunciation and fluency when speaking in te reo.

Kaitiakitanga Roles

In Pōhutukawa, each student has chosen a kaitiakitanga (guardianship) role which enables them to develop their leadership in a particular area. Each kaitiakitanga group meets once a fortnight to collaborate, strategise and problem solve alongside the teacher that has oversight of their leadership role. Our students carry out their kaitiakitanga roles with mana (pride) and determination each week.

Here is a list of the kaitiakitanga roles that our students carry out and a short blurb about the tasks they have been working on together.

Sports Monitor

  • Our sports monitors have been working hard to keep our sports shed neat and tidy, working together to ensure that all PE equipment is put back in the right place. They have taken on the leadership roles of ensuring that our scooter racks are put away, and the chess pieces are stored away safely at the end of the day.

Road Patroller

  • It has been great to see our road patrollers out in the morning and afternoon showing off their awesome positive attitudes! This group has also dedicated time towards developing ways to encourage our students to ‘walk or wheel’ to school. They have created thoughtful posters and videos that have been on display across the school.

IT Monitor

  • The IT Crew has been working hard to ensure that our Chromebooks are all stored safely and plugged in each afternoon. They have also been working hard to teach other students how best to treat their devices; creating adverts, videos, and posters that have been displayed across the school. This is a hugely important role as most of our students have their own device that needs to be handled with care.


  • Our fundraising team has been putting their heads together to develop ways that we can spread awareness about a range of issues. Most recently, the team has put lots of time and effort into planning and organising a non-uniform day to raise money for the people of Ukraine.

Peer Mediator

  • The peer mediating crew has been out in force during morning tea and lunchtimes supporting other students to work through friendship issues. It has been wonderful to see them showing a combination of empathy and forward-thinking when approaching these issues, suggesting solutions and strategies that other students can use.


  • Our library is in the capable hands of our librarians who are on duty each lunchtime. These students are the masters of issuing and returning library books and supporting other students when they need help. Not only do they make sure that our books are returned properly, but they also ensure that our library is kept tidy and organised.

Amesbury TV’er

  • The Amesbury Tv’ers have been documenting all of the events that our school has been involved in over the past 7 weeks. They have been working hard to produce a series of Amesbury TV episodes focused on informing people of the exciting and interesting things that have been happening so far this year.

Please ask the children to tell you more about their kaitiakitanga role as they will be able to elaborate on their leadership skills and growth in this area.