2022 School Donations

By Gail Greenslade | Posted: Thursday March 3, 2022

Information on donations, what they are used for, and how to claim tax credits.

Thank you to all the families who have already made a donation for the 2022 school year - we are really appreciative of this. A letter from our Board of Trustees regarding the recommended 2022 school donation structure is attached. Donations provide the school with much needed revenue. People often ask what those funds are used for. The simple answer is - to run the school. The funding we receive from the government is significantly less than it takes to run the school. Hence, we rely on school donations and other locally-raised funds. School donations also contribute to reduced teacher-student ratios, which has quite an impact on student achievement progress and data.

Additional teaching staff enables lower ratios to continue, and to release Senior Leaders from teaching duties so that they can continue to work with teachers to ensure every student at Amesbury School receives a high quality education. This additional staffing is not funded by the Ministry but has to be paid for out of locally raised funds such as school donations, fundraising and business activities (hiring out our facilities etc.).

School donations of differing amounts can easily be made through the online shop. Just click on the shopping cart icon on the school website or app, then select the "School Donation" section from the home page.  You may be able to claim tax credits on donations you make to school - see the IRD website for further information on how to claim, or click here to go to the relevant page.  You'll need a tax receipt for your donation if you wish to claim a refund - when you pay a donation through Kindo, you will receive this receipt attached to your email of confirmation of payment.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Gail Greenslade, on behalf of Amesbury School Board of Trustees