First Aid Training at Amesbury

By Eilis Cassidy | Posted: Friday February 18, 2022

We feel very lucky to advise that St John's will be visiting our kura (school) in Week 5 to deliver age-appropriate first aid workshops to our tamariki (students).

What happens?

A trained Community Educator plans and will deliver an engaging, interactive session to each of our three hubs. The programme has been developed with expertise from ACC, SafeKids Aotearoa, Civil Defence, CORE Education and St John and supports today’s school curriculum. These workshops will take place onsite in groups of roughly 30 students.


The workshops will be delivered across all three hubs with each student participating for around 50 minutes. These workshops will be part of the learning at school and don't require anything additional from home. Your child should come to school as normal as all equipment and materials will be provided for them.


There is no official cost for the ASB St John in Schools programme. However donations are greatly appreciated to assist St John's in reaching more tamariki, as their sponsorship does not cover the full cost of delivering this programme. We ask for our tamariki to make a gold coin donation on the morning of Wednesday 2nd of March. Each whānau teacher will collect the money and the school will present it to St Johns on Friday morning.  An option to make a donation via Kindo has also been added if you prefer to make an online donation instead of sending cash to school.  To do this, select the "Fundraising" option from the home page in the online shop, then you'll see the option for St John First Aid Training.  The donation amount will default to $1.00, but you will be given the option to increase this amount if you wish.

Please read the information below for more details around the learning outcomes of each workshop.

Safety Smart

New Entrant - Year 2

  • Recognise the danger of falls and poisons and how injury can be avoided.
  • Identify potential risks at home and at school.
  • Explore making safe decisions

Safety Ready

Year 3 - Year 4

  • Explore how to prevent falls at home and at school.
  • Recognise appropriate safety attire for outdoor activities.
  • Demonstrate the treatment of minor injuries

Safety Solver

Year 5 - Year 6

  • Explore how to prevent injuries occurring in or on a playground or area of play, by making safe decisions.
  • Describe appropriate responses to different situations requiring basic first aid.
  • Identify hazards and/or risks to themselves and others in a variety of environments, such as school, home and in the community

We look forward to welcoming St Johns to Amesbury and we hope your child/children have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.