Year 6 Leadership Award

By John Murrihy | Posted: Wednesday December 15, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2021 Amesbury Leadership Award is Skieff.

This award is presented annually by the Mayor of Wellington at a special event which celebrates the outstanding students from all of the primary schools in North Wellington.

Fortunately, Skieff's whānau were able to attend, support and celebrate his achievement. Fortunate too, our Principal, Urs, and Skieff's whānau teacher, Gar Kee, were able to be there as well. 

While we have a number of outstanding Year 6 students at Amesbury this year, Skieff was unanimously judged to have been the most worthy recipient. 

Gar Kee read the following commendation at the ceremony which she also shared with the rest of the ākonga at the Farewell Celebration on Tuesday:

Kia ora, ko ahau te kaiakō ō Amesbury,
Skieff, we love that you are endlessly kind to everyone, whole heartedly passionate in the things that you put your focus into and overall a “boss” kind of dude. I know this award is about acknowledging the phenomenal things you do, but I want to take the time to acknowledge the impact of the things you do. When the kaiako inspected the leadership list, there were some fantastic names put forward, but it was unanimous when we came across your name, that you have had a significant impact on every kaiako and ākonga alike.
We have endless memories of you taking ākonga under your wing and guiding them; you volunteering to make our kura a comfortable place to be in and you problem solving challenging situations so that it is fair and just to everyone involved. We know that you do these things not because you are told to or are being watched, but because you genuinely want to. You actively listen and use your emotional intelligence to guide you to move forward. Because of this, you have made a significant impact on each of our hearts. Your peers will still be able to remember how you elevated, challenged and believed in them, even if you’re not by their side, and this is an exceptional gift to give someone. This is the impact you have made on us.
Thank you Skieff. We are psyched to see what your bright future holds! You well and truly deserve this award.

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