Year 0-3 Swimming Carnival

By Amaria Picard | Posted: Thursday November 25, 2021

A big congratulations to all the students who participated in the Junior Swimming Carnival on Thursday 18th November at Keith Spry Pool.

There were lots of smiles and laughter in the teaching pool as ākonga (learners) hopped on one foot, balanced a cup on their head, carefully carried a ping pong ball on a spoon and swam like a dolphin.

In the lane races, our ākonga demonstrated their proficiency in a number of different swimming styles. These included freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. It was especially great to see our courageous 5-year-olds take to the water like fearless fish! A big tino pai (well done) to the students who braved a half-length or full-length swim - you all did amazingly well.

We are grateful that this event was able to go ahead and are glad that our ākonga had a wonderful time participating in all the different races. Here are some snapshots of the swimming carnival, so whānau (family) can celebrate, together with our ākonga, their success and effort.

Thanks to Todd and his team from EasySwim for providing support in the pool and equipment for the races.