Learning Celebration

By John Murrihy | Posted: Tuesday May 18, 2021

It was great to have so many whnau at the recent Learning Celebration where the kids were more than happy to share the things that they had covered in the first inquiry module for 2021.

The first inquiry ran from Week 1 Term 1 to Week 2 Term 2. 

In this inquiry, students explored the big questions: 

  • Who am I? 
  • What do I need to live well in the world? 
  • How do I successfully work with others? 

Students began the inquiry by exploring where their families have come from and how this has shaped and is shaping who they are. They then moved on to explore who they are and what they need in three contexts - hauora (well being), passions and learning. Finally, students learnt how to successfully work in a group through completing a collaborative project with other students.

The celebration began with a warm welcome and an intro from our presenters Addison, Ciara & Hannah. Raffa and Riyaan then spoke about the significance of 'Pink Shirt Day' which will be held on Friday 21 May, encouraging everyone to not only wear something pink but also to think about the wide range of forms that bullying takes and what we can do when we see bullying taking place. Following that, the presentation of the Amesbury Awesomeness Awards was made.

The presenters then gave a brief explanation of the inquiry for Module 1, explain the set up for each hub, and sent parents off around the school to explore for themselves.

Our tamariki were enthusiastic to share with everyone what they had learnt and what they had put together for the parents to see. I must confess that I found it very difficult to get away from Koru Hub as the kids excitedly explained and demonstrated in great detail what they had put together. It was a wonderful and most educative way to spend the afternoon.

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