Amesbury School Cross Country 2021

By Michelle Prinsloo | Posted: Saturday May 8, 2021

On Tuesday 4 May 2021 we hosted our Amesbury School Cross Country event at school

We could not have asked for better weather last Tuesday when we hosted our Amesbury School Cross Country.  

It was great to see all of our tamariki participating with such mana, displaying excellent sportsmanship during this event. Students persisted and completed all the races with really positive attitudes. 

A big thank you to all who assisted in making this a successful event, and a special shout out  to all our parents who were able to attend, enthusiastically supporting our tamariki during the race.

Congratulations to the following students who claimed the top 3 spots in each year level.

Year 6 Girls:

Hannah -1st

Chloe H & Xiangyi - 2nd=

Year 6 Boys:

Liam H - 1st

Oscar -  2nd

Austin - 3rd

Year 5 Girls:

Abigail - 1st

Lucia - 2nd

Angie - 3rd

Year 5 Boys:

Riyaan - 1st

Oliver - 2nd

Alex F - 3rd

Year 4 Girls:

Sofia C - 1st

Heidi - 2nd

Tayla - 3rd

Year 4 Boys:

Luca B - 1st

Ignacio - 2nd

Declan - 3rd

Year 3 Girls:

Aanya - 1st

Ellie - 2nd

Jade & Lina - 3rd=

Year 3 Boys:

Josh H - 1st

James -2nd

Jayden L - 3rd

Year 2 Girls:

Miesha - 1st

Emily T - 2nd

Charlotte Poole - 3rd

Year 2 Boys:

Basti - 1st

Lachlan - 2nd

Dylan R -  3rd

Year 0/1 Girls:

Angela Y -  1st

Sienna - 2nd

Bella H - 3rd

Year 0/1 Boys:

Vedant - 1st

Luca C - 2nd

Kyle - 3rd

Moving on...

Finally, congratulations to all our cross country runners who will be moving on to the next round of cross country competitions.

The Year 0-3 students will participate in our Junior Invitational Cross Country on Thursday 3 June (pp Tuesday 8 June). This event will take place at Amesbury School and parents are warmly invited to come along and cheer their children on. Further information about this will be sent out to the parents of these students shortly.

Year 4-6 students will go on to represent Amesbury School at the Northern Zone event which will take place at Grenada North Park on Tuesday 25 May(pp Thursday 27 May). Once we have confirmed the team, further information will be sent to the parents of these students.

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