Hindi lessons at Amesbury School

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Sunday February 21, 2021

Some parents have expressed an interest in having Hindi language classes at Amesbury School. I have had a chat with Sunita Narayan, Head of Wellington Hindi School, and we have agreed to work in partnership around this. We are looking to run this initiative as an after-hours session for one hour a week on a school day, to enable our students and families access this opportunity. We also understand that this is an opportunity for our community to further develop cultural knowledge which is beneficial for our students in preparing our young people for tomorrow’s global challenges.

The classes will run once a week for 9 weeks. We are looking to run the first term of classes in Term 2 of the school year, with the classes being held in Koru Hub (Amesbury School) for one afternoon each week, after school. The day will be decided once the Hindi School has some feedback from parents who are interested. Registration for the programme will cost $45 per child for the term of lessons.

To help us plan for this, please register your interest by completing this short Google form. Please respond by Monday 15th March.