School Notices - 14 December 2020

By: John Murrihy | Posted Sunday December 13, 2020

School Leavers

Whether your child is a year 6 or simply leaving to move to another school, this information concerns you.

At the end of this calendar year (31 December 2020) all school leavers accounts will be deactivated.

If wish to retain the information (school reports etc.) you need to follow the instructions on this link.

Last Day for 2020

Here is a link to some photos taken on the last day of school for 2020.

At some stage during the photo taking process, the camera was hi-jacked and the Koru kids did their own thing. Enjoy.

Koru Camp Photos

Here's a link to some photos taken of the Koru kids on their recent EOTC trips to the Police Museum and Awesome Bounce in Porirua.

The highlight was the fingerprinting session with Nick at the Police Museum.

Holiday Activities

Over the last few weeks I've included various holiday activities. I've consolidated them into one document if you wish to have a look through them in this link.

Churton Park Community Centre Newsletter

If you haven't already come across it please check out the latest Churton Park Community Centre Newsletter to see what's happening in Churton Park.

Christmas and Beyond

Parents: I've had the opportunity to randomly wander around the school this year and, not surprisingly, I've come across all of the kids several times. Not once have I had a negative encounter. It has always been a pleasant experience and the kids have always been polite, welcoming and eager to interact and share what they are doing. This clearly is a credit to you parents. So, I would like to thank you all personally.

Students: Have a wonderful holiday and thank you all for being "you".

2021: The first day of school in 2021 will be Tuesday 2 February 2021.

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