Year 6 Graduation Dinner and Day in Town

By Demelza Topp | Posted: Wednesday December 2, 2020

This article has information about the graduation dinner (Monday 7 December) and the day in town (Tuesday 8 December).

Graduation Dinner

We are very much looking forward to celebrating with our Year 6 students. They have all grown so much in their time at Amesbury School and we are excited to be sending such capable young people onto intermediate. Here is the general outline of the evening.

5:30pm Mix and mingle, drinks and snacks

6:00pm Formal welcome, dinner and dessert

6:45pm Year 6 speeches, more snacks

7:20pm Closing speech, farewell

*Please note that the graduation dinner will be held in the hall at Amesbury School.

Most Year 6s like to get dressed up for this event and we love seeing the outfits they have chosen. If you are wondering what you should wear, casual formal is the way to go.

Day in Town

For our Year 6 day in town, we have one group heading into town for a blast at Timezone (website) followed by some Christmas shopping; the other group will be heading to the Penthouse in Brooklyn to watch Combat Wombat (trailer). 

We will be using public transport (bus) to and from our destinations. This enables students who are nervous about catching a bus next year to practice using a snapper card and talking to the bus driver, if necessary. Please note that the school has a limited number of snapper cards so most students will not be able to practise with them. If any children have their own snapper cards, they may like to bring them along to practise with.

To help us spot the Amesbury children more easily, we ask that students wear their school uniform, including their hat and fleece, and appropriate shoes. They will also need to bring a drink bottle and something to eat for morning tea.

Movie Group

Here is a brief outline of the day.

8:30am Meet in the library

9:00am Catch the bus to Brooklyn

11:00am Watch the movie

12:30pm Lunch at the movie theatre cafe

1:30pm Catch the bus back to school

A couple of notes

*In order to catch our buses on time, the Year 6s in this group will need to meet in the library by 8:30am.

*Lunch will cost around $15 for a meal and a drink.

*Students may like to bring some snacks from home or you may want to give them money to purchase snacks at the movie theatre.

Timezone / Shopping Group

Here is a brief outline of the day.

9:00am Meet in the library

9:30am Catch the bus to town

10:30am Morning tea

11:00am Timezone

11:45am Christmas shopping on Cuba Street

1:00pm Lunch at the Hotel Ibis

2:15pm Catch the bus back to school

A couple of notes

*The students in this group are very keen to do a bit of Christmas shopping while they are in town. We recommend giving your child between $10 and $20.

*Lunch will cost $15 for a main course and a drink.