Wellington North Primary Schools Citizenship Award 2020

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Saturday November 28, 2020

The winner of the Wellington North Schools Citizenship Award for Amesbury School 2020 is Neria.

The Primary School Citizenship award for schools in the Northern suburbs began in 2015. Eleven schools are part of this group, and every year a ceremony is held to celebrate the winners.

The ceremony last night was a lovely event, and a fabulous reminder that our world is in safe hands. Listening to teachers from each of the schools talking about the amazing students from their schools let me know that our communities are nurturing and growing wonderful leaders and world citizens, who will no doubt continue to show care, kindness and love for the environment and the people around them. Each winner received a plaque, a book voucher and a certificate. Their names were also engraved onto the shield that already contains the names of the five winners who previously received the award. Our shield is displayed proudly in the cabinet in our reception area.

The award was presented by Mayor Andy Foster. Kalesha, the leader of Pōhutukawa Hub, spoke to Neria as part of the ceremony, to explain why she was receiving the award. Her words are included below. 

I would like to thanks WCC Councillor Malcolm Sparrow for all of the hard work he does in organising this event and liaising with all of the schools. I would also like to acknowledge the other Year 6 Amesbury School students who put their names forward for consideration for this award. You are all amazing young people and we are very proud of all of you.

Kalesha's speech to Neria: 

Neria, you are a friendly, empathetic and caring student who is confident in who you are. Over the past year, we have watched you grow into a self-assured student who is not afraid to stand up for what you believe to be right. When we examined all of the nominations for the leadership award this year, your name immediately stood out to us. You truly deserve this award as you show exceptional leadership skills in Pōhutukawa Hub.

One of the most important leadership qualities is interacting positively with others. It is a joy to watch you interact with other children. You never fail to provide a caring, calming, supportive influence. Not only do you help others with their learning tasks, but you comfort them when they are upset, ensure that they have others to play with, and coach them through challenging situations that they find themselves in. The kindness and careful thought that you show during these interactions with others, show that you are a wonderful friend to have.

Another leadership quality that you possess is your determined and motivated attitude. You always demonstrate a brilliant work ethic, trying your best to achieve your goals. You always take on challenges with a positive attitude and your problem solving skills prevent you from giving up easily. This is admirable and provides you with ample opportunities to share your academic skills with other students, encouraging them to do their best too. As you have grown, you have become increasingly reflective about your learning. This has enabled you to set your own goals and work towards them effectively.

Neria, you truly deserve this leadership award and we are so excited to be able to give it to you. You are passionate about the things that you believe in and always stand up for what is right. We know that you will continue to show leadership far into the future and we look forward to hearing about all of the wonderful things you accomplish.

Mā mua ka kite a muri.

Mā muri ka ora a mua.

Those who lead give sight to those who follow.

Those who follow give light to those who lead.


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