Progression with our new hub building

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Sunday November 22, 2020

Activity around our new hub build has been going ahead full steam, and things are starting to get very exciting!

We are now hitting milestones that give us the details/information to be able to start sharing more regular updates with you all.

The plans have been approved and confirmed, and images of the plans can be found here: Ground Floor Plan   First Floor Plan     Please note that the furniture shown in the plans are simply placeholder items - they are not an indication of the furniture that will be in the new building. Here is a picture of what the outside of the new building will look like - it looks amazing!

Some exciting features of the new hub building are:

- A number of smaller breakout spaces that can be closed off for quiet group work, if needed

- A number of small cubbies or quiet work spaces, such as a reading nook in the side of the stairwell, a ‘cave’ space under the stairs, several alcoves on each floor that provide sectioned off areas to work in

- A maker space and cooking area on each floor

- Bag storage areas on each floor that provide a space for each child

- A dedicated sensory space on each floor. On the ground floor the space is a sensory input area, where different kinds of movement can happen (there is a climbing wall, a soft gym floor like our hall, there will be movement items such as a mini trampoline, swiss balls etc.); on the first floor there is a low sensory space called ‘the nest’, which is calming, quiet space. The nest can be fully closed off to reduce sound input.

- A soundproof music space

- Several areas of tiered bleacher-type seating, including a large staircase that features bleacher seating along one side

We are now moving into the tender process to appoint our construction team. If this all goes as planned we should see construction starting in April or early May of 2021, with construction taking place through the rest of the year.

Over the next few months we will also start to communicate how some of the practical details of construction will work in with our community and on school days.

We are very excited about the opportunities our amazing new building will offer and will keep you all updated with information about the ongoing work and the construction planning.

Warm regards,

The Amesbury team