Impetigo (school sores)

By John Murrihy | Posted: Thursday November 5, 2020

We've had student with a case of Impetigo (school sores) advised to us.

Impetigo (said, im-pa-ty-go), also known as school sores, is a common skin infection caused by bacteria. The infection causes blisters on exposed parts of body, such as hands and face, especially around the nose and mouth. The blisters burst and turn into a sore with a yellow crust.

Impetigo sores are crusty-looking and they are very contagious. That means they can be spread easily to other parts of your own body or to other people by touching.

If you notice your child with symptoms please keep your child home from school until one day after the start of treatment.

For further information, especially around treatment, please refer to the Ministry of Health web page and the information below.

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