Harakeke EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) Week - 1st-4th December

By Camella Botha | Posted: Saturday October 24, 2020

The end of year camps are fast approaching!

Week 8 of this term will be Harakeke Hub's zoo outing, opt in activity day, and sleep over.

The Hub will be attending a zoo outing on Tuesday, 1st of December. We will explore the zoo and take part in an educational session on animal care. This will be a fun opportunity to learn about the different animals at the Wellington Zoo and explore the environment.

On Wednesday, 2nd of December, we will have 3 opt in activities. The activities will focus on crafting & art, construction & technology, and the outdoors.

On Thursday and Friday, 3rd- 4th December, Harakeke Hub will have an overnight camp at school. Those students staying over will return to school at 5pm on Thursday (in mufti) with their overnight gear. We will have a shared dinner together and then sleep overnight in the Hub. Koru Hub will also be sleeping over at school this night and siblings can sleep in the same space.

On Friday, we will have a shared breakfast and get ready for the day. The children who do not stay overnight can arrive back at school from 8:30am. From 9am there will be a rotation day at school for everyone. All children can wear mufti for the day.

This is our first general information article. Later in the term further information will come out finalising details around the events, including a gear list.

Zoo Outing Cost: $25

Zoo Outing and Overnight Camp Cost: $38

Please fill in this Consent Form to let us know what part of the camp your child/ren will be attending and if you can be a parent helper.

If you have any questions please email: came[email protected]

Warm Regards,

Harakeke Team