Light Optics - Koru Hub Science Inquiry

By John Murrihy | Posted: Thursday September 3, 2020

I got sidetracked in Koru Hub last week. What a fun place to spend the day! Check out the photos below.

This term they are undertaking a science inquiry and, this week, the focus was on 'Light Optics'. 

There was lots of activity as they observed the behaviour of light and created their own illusions with light. It was also very energy sapping given the regularity with which they devoured their yummy food that they had brought with them for the day. But before they ate there were long queues for hand cleaning and sanitising.  

Not only were the kids learning, I learnt something too! I learnt a new word 'thaumatrope'. I never knew that was it's correct name. Just goes to show that you are never too old to learn.

This week I will think of another excuse to end up in Koru Hub as they look into 'Magetism'.

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