Year 0-2 activity day/camp recap

By Gemma Williamson | Posted: Thursday December 12, 2019

Our year 0-2 students had an exciting activity day/camp last Thursday and Friday. A huge thanks to all of the parents, support staff and teachers that helped to make this happen!

On Thursday morning we caught buses to ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie for a fun day of sports activities. Our learners were really keen to try new things and had a go at futsal, rippa rugby, gymnastics, basketball and co-operative games. New skills were learned, connections were made with students across the school and a lot of fun was had.

Those students camping overnight returned to school at 5pm and everyone set up camp spaces for the evening. It was very exciting, as for many of our learners it was one of their first overnight stays away from home. We shared kai together and then played. A highlight of the evening was making and eating s'mores with our camp groups before storytime. We were very tired from the day and most of our learners had a good night sleep, gaining lots of confidence from the experience!

After an early wake-up, we packed up our camping equipment and shared breakfast in the courtyard. When everyone arrived at school for the day, we had a fun morning together: constructing things, playing sports outside, crafting, making art, exploring the playground, learning how to play new board games and face painting.

In the afternoon, our learners were very excited to have a visit from Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade. We learned some important things about fire safety and enjoyed having a go with the fire hose. 

I am sure everyone slept really well on Friday night. What a great camp!  

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