Northern Zone Athletics

By Demelza Topp | Posted: Friday November 8, 2019

On Monday, we took 32 students to compete at Northern Zone Athletics...and what a fantastic day we had!

Firstly, a huge congratulations to all the students who competed at Northern Zone Athletics. We were very impressed with your focus, your determination and the outstanding effort you put into each event. Through your sportsmanship and dedication, you showed the true meaning of being a sportsperson.

Students who finished in the top three for their events move on to the Interzone competition which will be held on Tuesday 26 November at Newtown Park. We have 8 athletes who are progressing on.

Relay Year 4 Boys - James M, Skieff P, Andy L, Liam H, Lucas S (1st)

Vortex Year 4 Boys - Skieff P (1st)

Quoits Year 4 Boys - Skieff P (1st)

Quoits Year 4 Girls - Dana S (1st)

Long Jump Year 4 Boys - Gerhard V (2nd)

Long Jump Year 5 Boys - Nishanth D (2nd)

Short Sprint Year 5 Boys - Nishanth D (3rd)

All the best, team.

Finally, thank you to all the adults who made the day successful. We really appreciate the various ways that you supported us, such as making sure your child was at school by 7:45am, providing transport and showing enthusiasm for the excellent performances both by your child and by other children. An extra big thank you to Kieron who spent the whole day at the long jump pit so we didn't need to enlist the help of parents. We are very grateful.

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