Amesbury Speech Competition

By John Murrihy | Posted: Thursday September 19, 2019

The final of the Amesbury Speech Competition was held yesterday in the Hall with the whole school in attendance and a number of parents.

What a wide range of topics were covered - from the hilarious to personal experiences, and everything in between - all of the participants were worthy of their places in the finals.

Fortunately, no-one in the school had to decide the final placings. That unenviable and most difficult of tasks fell to our guest judges Gemma and Babette.

With no time to get nervous Surya was first up, followed by the other Y5-6 finalists. They set a high standard with well crafted and confidently delivered speeches. It was then onto our youngest students, all Year 0, one of whom, Miesha, has only been at school for a month. (I wish I was as good as any of them by the time I had finished primary school, let alone just started school).

Marcus, Heidi and Sophia our Y1-2 students showed supreme confidence for their age and would have made the judges jobs particularly difficult with their wide-ranging styles on display. Last, but certainly not least was the Y3-4 competitors with Amaira destined to be the final speaker. If she was nervous at having had to wait so long to give her speech, it did not show.

After time to go away and deliberate over what they had seen and heard, the judges came back with the following results for the inaugural Amesbury Speech Competition:

Year 0
Junyi 1st
Kailey G 2nd
Miesha 3rd

Image by: John Murrihy

Year 1-2
Sofia C 1st
Marcus 2nd
Heidi 3rd

Image by: John Murrihy

Year 3-4
Riyaan 1st
Amaira 2nd
Kirat 3rd

Image by: John Murrihy

Year 5-6
Surya 1st
Sante 2nd
Sein 3rd

Image by: John Murrihy

Congratulations to all of the students who participated, not just in the finals but also in the heats where a number of other outstanding speakers missed out on making it through to the finals.

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