Transitions and grouping changes for Term 4

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Wednesday September 18, 2019

As our roll has continued to grow significantly, we need to make changes to student groupings across the school to manage the growth.

We have had steady roll growth through the school year, with just under 100 students joining the school this year. In order to avoid unmanageable numbers in the junior area of the school, where a lot of the growth as been, we have needed to steadily move groups of students through to other learning groups. 

We now need to make one more transition of students in order to keep our team sizes manageable for the rest of the year. A group of students from Te Rito Hub will transition through to the Koru Hub at the end of this term, and as a follow on effect from this, the group of year 3 students in Koru Hub will transition through to the Harakeke team, joining the other year 3 students already in that team. The parents of students transitioning to a new hub will be notified in the next few days. 

As numbers of students will be changing in Koru and Harakeke teams, this means that student groupings will also change. Both hubs currently operate as one larger hub with two 'shared groups' within the team: Koru Hub has the Karaka and Kakariki groups, and Harakeke has the Maire and Tawa teams. With the changes in numbers in both teams, there will be some movement within these shared groups, with some students in Koru Hub moving from the Karaka group to the Kakariki group, and some students in Harakeke moving from the Tawa group to the Maire group. 

Students in Harakeke Hub use all available learning spaces in flexible ways, including the hall, library and meeting spaces, in order to avoid congested learning spaces. 

We appreciate that these changes and transitions are not ideal; however, we need to manage the continued growth we are experiencing in a way that is best for all students across the school. We are currently planning for next year with this steady growth in mind, so that we can avoid transitions through the year wherever possible.