Touch Rugby for Amesbury anyone?

By Georgia Poole | Posted: Friday September 13, 2019

We have had some interest from some students to play touch rugby and we want to see whether there is sufficient interest to form some teams.

The games will be held at Alex Moore Park. While the interest, at the moment, is from students in Years 1 & 2, we are looking at all grades. This notice is to see if there are any other students interested in playing touch rugby so we can form some teams.

If you are interested, please fill in this form by Wednesday 2nd October so I can see if teams can be put together. We will also need a manager for each team so please indicate on the form if you are able to do this for the team.

Please note: If there is not enough interest from students or parent help by Wednesday 2nd October, we will be unable to enter the competition.

Below is the information from the website about the season. This is our first time looking into having touch rugby teams so if you have any further questions, please email me ([email protected]) and I will endeavour to find out the answers.

Alex Moore Park Juniors (link to website)
Season Dates- 4 Nov- 9 Dec 2019 - with a fresh competition starting 23 Feb- 30 March 2020
Compulsory Managers' Meeting - 5:30pm 29 October at 1841 Bar and Restaurant.
Registrations close 12 noon 29 October 2019 for Term 4
​​​​​​​Come join us on the recently redeveloped grounds of Alex Moore Park. Responding to the demand for a module in the Northern Suburbs, this Johnsonville module is going to become a must attend for any young ones keen on sport.
Season Starts 4 November 2019 and game times from 4pm on Mondays. It goes for 6 weeks.
Grades Year 1/2 Open, Year 3/4 Boys, Year 3/4 Mixed, Year 5/6 Boys, Year 5/6 Mixed, Year 5/6 Girls
Note: Year 1/2 is 5 aside, no ratio, everyone scores 1 point. Years 3/4, 5/6 are played 5 aside- 2 girl minimum for mixed grades. 


Georgia Poole