Year 0-3 Swimming Sports

By Amaria Picard | Posted: Thursday July 18, 2019

The Year 0-3 Swimming Sports will be held at Keith Spry Pool on Thursday 1st August between 12-2:30pm. Any Year 3 students in Harakeke Hub will attend the Year 0-3 Swimming Sports too.

The races will be held in the main pool and the teaching pool. Students will opt into races that may be a combination of full length, half length and/or fun races.

The main pool will consist of children who are in the yellow or green group.  All red groups will compete in the teaching pool.

Please click on this link so you know what time your child will be swimming.

As swimming has been part of our PE programme for term 2, we have asked all students to enter at least two events in their swimming sports, however, we have encouraged students to opt into as many races as they wanted to.

All students need to bring togs, two towels, a swimming cap and goggles. Swimming always makes students very hungry, so lots of healthy snacks would be a great idea too.

We will also require some parent helpers to help with the races. Please email [email protected] for Te Rito Hub and [email protected] for Koru/Harakeke Hub if you are able to help.

You are all most welcome to come along and support students in this event - cheerleaders always help! If you have any questions about these events you can email your child's whanau teacher.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there.

Warm regards,

Harakeke, Koru & Te Rito Hubs