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By Georgia Poole | Posted: Thursday July 4, 2019

Year 4-6 Swimming Sports will be held Tawa Pool on Thursday 25th July (Week 1, Term 3). Year 1-3 Swimming Sports will be held Keith Spry Pool on Thursday 1st August (12-2.30pm)(Week 2, Term 3)

Below is the Year 4-6 Swimming Sports Information. Year 1-3 details will come out in a notice later. 

Year 4-6 Information:

  • Thursday 25th July (Week 1 Term 3)

  • Races start at 11am and we will head back to school by 2:30pm

  • Any Year 3 students in Harakeke Hub will attend the Year 1-3 Swimming Sports in Week 2. 

We have an 11am-2:30pm slot of time booked at Tawa Pool; however we anticipate that the majority of races will be completed quite quickly. We recommend that spectators arrive for 11am rather than later in that block of time in order not to miss their child's races.

For Year 4-6 students the races will be held in the main pool and the teaching pool. Students have opted into races that will either be full length in the main pool, or half length (the teaching pool). We also check with their Easyswim levels to see whether they have chosen the appropriate lengths for their races. Teachers will use the results from swimming sports to form the team for the Northern Zone swimming competition.

As swimming has been part of our PE programme this term, we have asked all students to enter at least two events in their swimming sports; we encouraged students to opt into as many races as they wanted to.

For swimming sports all students will need to bring togs, a towel, a swimming cap and goggles. Swimming always makes students very hungry, so lots of healthy snacks would also be a good idea.

You are all most welcome to come along and support students in this event - cheerleaders always help! If you have any questions about these events you can email Georgia Poole - geor[email protected] or contact your child's whanau teacher.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there.

Warm regards,

Harakeke Hub

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