Have you considered Amesbury's Co-curricular Classes?

By John Murrihy | Posted: Sunday June 30, 2019

We have a range of opportunities to participate in small group or individual music, drama, and gymnastics lessons with specialist teachers and we currently have spaces available.

  • Guitar & Ukulele
  • Keyboard
  • Violin
  • Drums
  • Speech & Drama
  • Communications Skills
  • Gymnastics

There's something for almost everyone. Whether your child has never tried any instrument before or is looking to advance their already accomplished skills, here is a great opportunity to do so and it all happens at school and within school time.

If you know nothing about our co-curricular lessons please have a look at the details on our website.

If you want more information or are interested in signing up for any lessons please contact John at [email protected]. Some lessons have limited spaces available so first in ....

Additionally, we have had queries for new lessons ranging from languages to sports. If there are any areas you would like the school to look at adding to the list of co-curricular activities, please contact John at [email protected].

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