The 'Thank You' company

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Friday April 5, 2019

Most parents might be familiar with 'ourTime', but if you arent, it is when a group of kids come together and fix a problem in our community. Our current 'ourTime' project for our group is researching and advertising a company called "ThankYou".

ThankYou is a non-profit company (founded by Daniel Flynn, Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns) - that means they donate the money to people in extreme poverty and people in need. Thank You makes soaps, shampoos, bath bombs, etc. In each of the products they export a code. This special code shows the specific project that the money (that you bought it with) was donated to.

It isn’t much of a well-known company, so this article is to publish/advertise their items.  They do not spend spend money on advertising their products: they ask consumers to 'tell two' (tell two people about them) when they buy a product. They are relying on all of us to spread the word about them. You can find these products in local stores like New World and even Countdown! Even if some products are a bit more expensive it’s still worth it because the money will go to people who really need it. They also sell food and water. They’ve funded projects in 20 countries, such as: India, Kenya, Australia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam, and others. So far, ThankYou has given over $5.8 million to fund water access, sanitation and hygiene in deprived areas. 

We hope you try out the products and help those that are in need. Here is a link to some of the projects they have funded worldwide. 

We were given a 'Thank You' baton, that you can see in the photo. This is a way of passing on the word about Thank You to other people - like passing on a running baton. We are going to pass this baton on to Khandallah School in the last week of this term, and hopefully they will pass it on to another group of people. We could get it passed right around the country and spread the word of ThankYou and their amazing work!

Kind regards, 

The 'Thank You' group in Harakeke Hub


Research team:

  • Varsha, Anika, Dinuli , Lorenzo and Jodi

Writing team:

  • Claire S and Claire Z